We have a wide variety of tutors who specialize in helping your child excel in their academic struggles. We can help with reading, spelling, reading comprehension, math (common core, Singapore math, homeschool math programs), science, history, religion, and more. Our learning experts have various backgrounds in Barton, Orton-Gillingham, Linda-Mood Bell, and many of the specialists have training in different types of therapy. This makes the academic struggle more approachable and manageable for the student.


"My son is able to sit still longer, finish his homeowrk in a timely manner, and most importantly, NO COMPLAINTS from his teacher or tutor about him not focusing or paying attention in class. Also, his grades have improved since last year." - Mother of a 10 yr old.

Find the true potential.

If your child or adolescent is struggling academically, with friendships, or in other important areas of their life, don't wait! We can help boost cognitive skills which can impact their struggle in a positive way. School only gets harder as students are asked to be more independent in their studies in each grade level. We can help to fine-tune any areas of weakness that can really allow their full potential to shine through.


We work in schools throughout the Bay Area, as well as tutoring in-home or at a convenient location for parents to meet. We can help with school placement as well, and help design student support plans to work with schools to help students be successful throughout the school year. We enjoy working collaboratively with schools, and help bridge the school/home workload.


Summer Boost!


Call now to find out more information about how we can help support your student.


Summer is a crucial time to keep a brain drain from occurring. We can also take the time to intensively increase reading comprehension skills, spelling, and math preparedness for the next grade level.