We can help train your brain to pay attention, increase ability to remember material, and work through test anxiety!




Our academic specialists can help your child with their struggles in math, writing, reading, comprehension, spelling, and also other subject matter.



One to one training with a PACE licensed trainer. This form of tutoring can help with attention problems, impulsivity, working memory, processing speed, dyslexia, difficulty with failure and more! We cater to the child/adolescents needs - if they need to work on more speech/language skills, or attention, executive function skills, we can work on it all!


A fun interactive way to train the brain with games online! This program is done in-home from the comfort of your iPad or computer. Feel the brain workout with these cognitive and memory boosting skills! Appropriate for all ages!



Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function Coaching can be done in groups or one to one. It will help your child or adolescent learn how to break down tasks into smaller manageable portions. This is best done with homework or daily tasks/activities. Using charts and online technology, a child can learn how to better manage time, keep track of items, and learn how to plan ahead.


“We are so grateful for the effort and time that NeuroPlay has put in to having our child grow socially, emotionally, and academically".


From the Founder:

We can help those who struggle in many different areas. Schedule a free consult today. Call about our in-home assessments.