Is a fun app designed to improve attention and working memory. Cogmed is available for Mac, PC and iOS on the iPad.

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What People say:

"I'm really enthusiastic about this program. The Cogmed program is an amazing tool."

— Cogmed Online



Intelligent young man has to study more than most to retain information

Cogmed training provided an answer to his significant attention problems.  He is extremely intelligent, but has struggled with attention from an early age. “Retaining information in the short term was always a problem for him,” said his father. “Studying required lots of review and memorization.”

After training with Cogmed:

  • Working memory capacity clearly improved
  • Had improved attention and was better able to stay focused
  • Had an easier time retaining the information he studied
  • Benefited from having his working memory capacity much closer to his other very well developed cognitive skills

— Cogmed Online

High School senior struggles in math, science classes despite high IQ

He had above average verbal reasoning skills with significant delays in nonverbal reasoning, working memory, and processing speed. Throughout his entire high school education, he would get A grades in language arts classes, but was getting C grades in his math and science classes. At his job as a summer counselor, the young man had trouble staying focused during staff meetings and while talking to others at the camp.

After training with Cogmed:

  • Increased ability to focus as a summer counselor
  • Reports being much more attentive in school
  • Is able to “catch” himself when he starts to drift off
  • More focused around the house

— Cogmed Online




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