Executive Functions


If you or your child struggles with task initiation, planning and organizing, or prioritizing time, executive function coaching can help teach you how to break up bigger problems into smaller, more manageable portions. This can be done in a variety of ways, but works the best when beginning with the largest struggle for a child. Most of the time, this is going to be homework: Time management, staying on top of their schedule, making sure the completed homework made it to its "home" aka the correct folder in the child's backpack. By building routines and tackling things in a small sequence, it becomes easier for children and adolescents to handle larger and more complex tasks.

We provide support for the students at the school and teacher level. We will correspond with teachers and administration as necessary to make sure that the student is able to consistently turn in their work, have support in the classroom, and able to keep up with the workload. We can also attend IEP, 504, and other student support meetings to help with any gaps that the student may need from home to school or school to home. A coach will help keep a student on track and map out their work load each week. There are organizational systems (binders and agendas) that are custom made for each student. We can provide your child with a organizational kit including all the items they need to be successful with keeping track of their work. It is the role of the EF coach to help support the student in maintaining their organization each week.



How do you approach a question?

                                                                   Where do you start first?

What do you need to plan for a project, book report, or even homework?


What are Executive Functions?

The daily planning, time management, and structured skills map the way we function. These skills are part of executive functions. 


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Why are Executive Functions important?

As a parent or educator, you know and have seen that there are some tasks that students will just not even start because it seems huge and impossible to tackle. This is when the executive planning comes in.