Resources for Parents and Educators


Academic Options

There are many different interventions that can benefit your child. Some include and are not limited to: 

Assistive Technology

For more information about assistive technology in the Bay Area, please click on this link to contact Shelley Haven, ATP, RET.

Orton Gillingham

Multi-sensory education program.

Susan Barton Method

Reading and Spelling System

Meyers Learning Center

A learning Center that cares about the educators and the students, The center is located in Los Altos, but also offers  in-home sessions. 

Homeroom Education

Fun and educational Workshops located in San Jose.

Peach Blossom Homeschooling

A Santa Clara based homeschool education.


organizations and groups

All over the nation and in the Bay Area are great resources and events for parents and educators. Here are some organizations that may help you navigate to what you need!

Social Thinking

The mission of Social Thinking is to help people develop their social competencies and better connect with others.

Challenge Success

Strategies for Healthy engaged kids and stronger schools

Mindful Schools

Learn more about Mindfullness in the classroom.


Supporting and Understanding students with ADHD

International Dyslexia Association

Check out the Experiencing Dyslexia Simulations.

Autism Speaks

Promoting Acceptance and solutions for those with the Autism Spectrum disorder.


research and books for brain training

There are many types of brain training out there. For more information, please select below


For Working Memory Research at Cogmed

PACE Research

For more information on the PACE products and research at the Gibson Research Center


For more information on Neurofeedback Research, please click this link.