We use 19 channel Loreta and Surface Neurofeedback. We will take an intial brain map to view areas of strength and weakness. A protocol will be developed from this data. Typically, 2 sessions of Neurofeedback per week are the minimum needed to reinforce the training. 20-40 sessions are needed for each area needing to be addressed.

"My son is able to sit still longer, finish his homeowrk in a timely manner, and most importantly, NO COMPLAINTS from his teacher or tutor about him not focusing or paying attention in class. Also, his grades have improved since last year." - Mother of a 10 yr old.

Find the true potential.

If your child or adolescent is struggling academically, with friendships, or in other important areas of their life, don't wait! We can help boost cognitive skills which can impact their struggle in a positive way. School only gets harder as students are asked to be more independent in their studies in each grade level. We can help to fine-tune any areas of weakness that can really allow their full potential to shine through.


Our fees are competitive. We charge less than most who offer in-home or in clinic settings, and we are currently the only provider to offer in-home 19 channel EEG Neurofeedback in Silicon Valley. What you get with us is a hassle free experience, as we come to you. Our staff is knowledgeable. Our trainers have a Masters or Phd in their respective fields. They have countless hours of training experience in home and clinic settings. 


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Neurofeedback is a fun and easy way for kids and adults to train their brain. By using EEG technology, children can control video games with their minds. Using either video games or movies as an interface, people don't realize that their brain is hard at work to make the video game or movie play! First, taking a brain map will help distinguish areas of strengths and weaknesses in the brain. Whether you or your child has attention issues, struggle with working memory, cognitive deficits or other areas to be worked on, Neurofeedback is a great positive reward system that engages your brain to train itself into the most optimal functioning.